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Norman Macleod of Bernara served as a messanger between Charles II and Donald Mackay Lord Reay in 1654. He later went to Denmark in 1659 on a mission to recruit soldiers. One source claims : '[...] Norman Macleod of Bernera went to serve the king at the poverty-stricken, starving, exiled court, for the [Macleod] family memorial tells us that at the end of 1659 he was sent by the King to solicit help from the King of Denmark and that in the embassy he succeeded so far as to bring the King of Denmark to agree to furnish the King with 10,000 men and proper officers and preparations were being made to embark them for Scotland at the time accounts came to Denmark of his Majesty's restoration. This embassy is not recorded in official histories of the time but King Charles...' [made frequent initiatives like this...].


Sources: Angus Mackay, The Book of Mackay (Edinburgh, 1906), p. 433, Appendix no 41, Letter, John 2nd Lord Reay, Strathnaver, to Charles II, 22 April 1654: 'Havinge not as yet receaved your Majesties former commands sentt with Normande McCloude...'

I.F. Grant, The Macleods, the history of a Clan (London, 1959), p.306. We thank Aonghas Maccoinnich for these references.

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Capacity RECRUITER, purpose MILITARY