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T. Riis, Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot (Odense, 1988), II, p.169. Member of St. Canute's guild 1604, councillor by 1620-1. Paid 28 marks 1601 in order not to be a rodemester. Negotiated with Hans Rafn the particulars of Hans Paterson's wedding with Oluf Hammer's daughter. Was to serve in the urban militia with a gun 1624. Party with David Paterson's heirs to a lawsuit concerning the paternal inheritance of the late wife of Bartholomaeus Haagensen of Copenhagen 1629-30. Bought a house (in Vestergade) 1592 and another 1603, rented land from burgesses 1604-14 and 1628, bought a plot from the town 1617-8. Traded on behalf of Oluf Hammer 1603 and 1608, traded in corn, malt and oxen 1606, paid excise of malt 1621-2, 1624-5, and 1628. Traded with Lubeck and Amsterdam 1609 and 1621, imported salt from Lubeck 1612, sold oats and pork to the king 1618-9. Party to a joint venture with three more burgesses of Malmo, among them Jacob Davidsen who in 1608 sent their ship to Norway and from there with timber to Spain. Invested with Jacob Graatop 300 rixdollars in the Danish East India Company. - Had died by December 1631, married unnamed wife. Children: Anne . - Brother of Claus Sanderson, customs officer and mayor of Ystad.

Service record

Departed 1631-12-31
Capacity COUNCILLOR, purpose CIVIC