BROUN, [SSNE 7144]


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Mr Broun was a friend of the Scottish merchants Andrew Russell [SSNE 143] and Robert Langlands [SSNE 7138]. On 12 October 1683, Russell wrote Langlands and sent respects to Mr Broun. This may have been to the preacher James Broun [SSNE 6314], but more probably to this man. In 1684 he Langlands wrote Russell lamenting the death of their friend Mr [James] Gordon. He also noted the passing of "Great Mr Broun and Mr Maiward" which events he concluded were an "awaikening to them that are left". This cannot have been the preacher who lived on until at least 1687 and therefore indicates another Mr Broun in Konigsberg

National Archives of Scotland, Russell Papers, RH/15/106/483/26. Russell to Langlands 12 September 1683; RH15/106/532/13. Langlands to Russell, 12 February 1684.

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