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Major George Low served in Bremen in the 1680s. He was a correspondent and friend of the Scottish merchant, Andrew Russell [SSNE 143]. He was a Presbyterian and probably invited into Bremen by the English refugee Sir William Waller [SSNE 6986], who encouraged Scottish and English exiles to join him in the city after he had been made governor. Other friends in the town included the Scottish merchant Gilbert Spence, Mr Dyke [SSNE 6988) and Adam Freer [SSNE 6987]. The latter resided in Low's own house. On 26 February 1687 Low wrote to Russell asking him to forward some letters to a friend, hoping Russell would know where he was. He had asked such favours previously and added "it is with me as commonlie with all beggars , where they once gett they readilie come there again". On 3 August 1689, on which date he wrote to Russell that David Melville Earl of Leven [SSNE 5000] had instructed him to send his letters via Russell. Low hoped Russell would not be offended by this. He added that "All Europe [is] in great confusion but especially in Britaine and Ireland. However, Gods people will at length carry the day against all the opposition of men and devils". Low resided in Bremen until his death in 1699. He was married to a woman called Ilsa Sprado. Article updated by Dr Kathrin Zickermann. National Archives of Scotland, Russell Papers, RH15/106/532/11-12. George Low to Andrew Russell, 18 March and 2 July 1684; RH15/106/176/10-12, George Low to Andrew Russell, , 14 & 18 April, 13 May 1685; RH15/106/637. George Low to Andrew Russell, 26 February and 13 August 1687; RH15/106/689/11. George Low to Andrew Russell, 3 August 1689; Staatsarchiv Bremen, Offiziere des Stadtmilitars, 2-R.5.d.13.a.12; Steve Murdoch, Network North: Scottish Kin, Commercial and Covert Associations in Northern Europe, 1603-1746 (Brill, Leiden, 2006), pP.111, 145.

Service record

Departed 1689-12-31
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY