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Mr Elliot was a Scottish traveller in Germany in 1689. His travelling companions were Mr Hume [SSNE 7126] and Mr Mungo English [SSNE 7070].In one letter from Mongo English to Andrew Russell [SSNE 143], dated Hamburg 26 October 1689, English notes that we have "addressed our selves to our country-man Mr Robert Jolly, Mercht. here who as soon as we shewed him your letters and acquainted him that yow are our Mercht. immediately offered very kindly to advance us what money we stood in need of", Jolly followed this up with his own letter to Russell dated Hamburg, 10 December 1689. In it he said "Some weeks agoe, [I] had the honor of Mr Eliot, Mr Hume and Mr Mongo English companie from Dutchland, who shewing me your letters & giving them Credit & recomendatione to some parts in Germanie; oblidged me to give them f240 guilders for their bills on yow with advice and other bills on their friends in Scotland at £25 Scots per Gulder wich were sent to Mr Alex Pyper". When the men moved to Bremen in October, Mungo English informed Russell that they all lodged with Mr Gilbert Spence [SSNE 6295]

National Archives of Scotland, RH15/106/689/ff.4-35. Various letters from Mungo English to Andrew Russell (1689).

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