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Thomas Spalding was a son Johan Spalding [SSNE 6876] and grandson of Andrew Spalding [SSNE 6717], a Scottish merchant in Mecklenburg. His father was consul in Plau and Thomas was born in that town in November 1661. He had an important uncle called Jacob [SSNE 4813] who moved to Sweden. Thomas himself went on to become a senator in Güstrow. His brothers were Johan (merchant in Malchin) [SSNE 6877] and Georg (consul in Plau) [SSNE 6878]. In 1690, Thomas married Maria Karnatz (1672-1747) and with her had at least four children. These included Johan Henrich (d.1765) who lived in Plau and Güstrow. Another son, Johan David became a doctor of law in Rostock while his brother Thomas follwed the same profession in Güstrow. A fourth brother, Andreas Fredrich lived in Güstrow until his death in 1759

Eduard Spalding, Geschichtliches, urkunnden, stamm-tafeln der Spalding in Schottland, Deutschland und Schweden: Während der letzten sechs jahrhunderte, speciell der Deutsche zweig der familie (Greifswald, 1898), Appendix IV, Family tree for George Spalding. See also pp.45-59 especially the document entitled "Debitum honoris monumentum viro wuondam amplissimo, spectatissimo, et prudentissimo Dn Thomae Spaldingio senatori et camerario civitatis Gustroviensis, quam plurimos annos meritissmo cum oetogesimum primum aetatis annum faustis omnibus supergresso, A. O. R. MDCCXLIII . D. VIII. Julii. Rostochi."

Service record

Departed 1743-07-07
Capacity SENATOR, purpose CIVIC