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Thomas Tottie was a Scot from Jedburgh, born in 1664. He was a tobacco-manufacturer who migrated to Sweden in 1668.

Thomas Tottie first began working with Patrick Thomson [SSNE 6475], one of the early holders of the tobacco privilege in Stockholm, in 1670 at Thomson's rented premises in Södermalm. Other sources say Thomas immediately began working with Jacob Johansson Hoving, a Swedish tobacco entrepreneur.

Thomas Tottie was married to Tabitha (also known as Tabettie) Pearson in his first marriage and she accompanied him to Sweden from the British Isles. She died in Stockholm in 1696. Loewe lists four children from their marrige: Johannes born 1689 baptised at Maria kyrkan, Mikael born 1691 baptised at Storkyrkan, Jöran born 1692 also baptised at Storkyrkan, and an unnamed who died in 1696, presumably before baptism, and was buried at Maria kyrkan. Thomas then married Christina Schönman. He had a total of 14 children.

In 1698 Thomas Tottie purchased a building at Skeppsbron 20, Gamla Stan, which had formerly been owned and build by Tessin the elder.  A map from 1700 shows "handelsman Thomas Thoten" as resident in the building, and served as headquarters of the Tottie & Arfwedsson merchant house. Tottie further hired a nearby building (Baccus 8) to serve as his tobacco spinning factory.

Thomas Tottie died on 24 February 1724.

It was probably Thomas Tottie's son, Johan [SSNE 2512] who is recorded as enrolling at Uppsala University in 1701.

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