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George Gordon, served as a royal lieutenant-colonel and had his noble status confirmed in Poland-Lithuania in 1658. He is claimed in some sources to be 'Marquis of Hamilton' though he most certainly was not. According to Peter Bajer this may be the same man as SSNE 6455. Bajer notes "There is much confusion about Jerzy/George Gordon. 'Miesiecznik Heraldyczny' mistakenly makes Jerzy a son of Henry Gordon Marquis of Huntly. Kosinski makes him a brother of the previously mentioned Henry. Boniecki calls him the ancestor of all Polish Gordons and notes that he belonged somehow to the Gordons of Huntly. However, Bieganska provides evidence that he was not only unrelated to Henry, but he was also of the Protestant faith. Moreover, if he was a descendant of Henry he would most probably have enjoyed the ennoblement granted to Henry and his descendents utrisque sexus in 1658. I believe that Jerzy was actually a descendant of the Gordons of Coldwells. Jerzy most probably had two sons: Wladyslaw by Zofia Plumert - whose descendants were all Protestants, and Michal Ernest by Zofia widow after an illusive Captain Fergusson (it is possible that both Zofias are one and the same person) - whose descendants were all Catholics. Michal's vel Michal Ernest's son Jan vel Jan Jakub [SSNE 6543] had his noble status confirmed in 1699. The Letter Patent stated that he - Jan Jakub Colonel of the hussars - is the only legitimate descendant of Gordons who received previously naturalisations in 1650 (ie. Henryk/Henry), and 1676 (ie. Jerzy/George). For some unknown reason the Protestant branch of the family steming from his uncle Wladyslaw, not only wasn't mentioned, but the grant specifically stated that Jan Jakub went again through the process of naturalisation, to prevent other Protestant Gordons from using privilages granted earlier i.e. in 1650 and 1676."

B. Treliska, ed. Album armorum nobilium regni Poloniae XV-XVIII saec. (Lublin, 2001), p.796; Miros aw Nagielski, "Spo eczny i narodowy sk ad gwardii królewskiej za dwóch ostatnich Wazów" (1632-1668)", Studia i Materia y do Histoii Wojskowo ci 30 (1988), 61-102. Thanks to Professor Waldemar Kowalski and Peter Bajer for this information.

Service record

Departed 1658-12-31, as LIEUTENANT COLONEL
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY