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Johan Ross has been recorded as Mayor in Wasa/Vasa in Finland in July 1670. He was perhaps a relative of (or has even been conflated with) Jacob Ross [SSNE 4940] who also served in this capacity at a later date. 


Sources: Swedish Riksarkiv, Register över Kungl. Brev avseende Gävle - Johan Ross, Borgmastare ifran Wasa, 09/07/1670.


Bengt Rostedt has provided the following information about the Vasa Ross family, and there is no mention of a Johan there.

William Ross [SSNE 7304], assistant to merchant Jacob Wolle in Åbo 1628-36 ?, merchant in Vasa from 1634/8? until death 1648. Married 1) Margareta Wessel (Wazell), whose father Jacob in Vasa already by 1614. 2) Maria Lång, whose father Matts Longe (said to be Scottish) in Wasa 1614-35 and mother Magdalena Henricsdotter Kämpe. William’s children included: Jacob [SSNE 4940](1), spouse Margareta Bochmöller; Wilhelm [SSNE 7545](1), spouse Anna Bochmöller; Herman [SSNE 7305](2), spouse 1 Margareta Jesenhausen, 2 Margareta Wernberg; Catharina [SSNE 7546](2), spouse Henrik Eggers (Eggert); Elisabeth [SSNE 7547](2), spouse Zacharias Werman (Wörman); Maria [SSNE 7548](2), spouse Matts Mårtensson. 

Karl Hedman: Ross, GSÅ 5, 1921 (Genealogiska Samfundet i Finland, Årsbok 5) .

Service record

Departed 1670-07-09
Capacity BURGESS, MAYOR, purpose CIVIC