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Robert Innes was a captain in Danish-Norwegian service. He was in Colonel Donald Mackay's [SSNE 93] regiment in 1626. His company was reduced in 1626-7, Captain Robert owed Sir Donald Mackay money. In March 1628, the Crown instructed that he be arrested and sent to Scotland for trial or that he found caution to deliver the money. Yet, Robert must have found an arrangement with Mackay as eight days later he yet again borrowed 4,887 marks from Mackay whilst being in London. He is thought to have reached the rank of lieutenant colonel.

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Dr Aonghas Maccoinnich provided the following reference:

NRS RD 1/443 fol. 250r Ob. Sir Donald Mackay & Captain Innes.  (reg. 18 August 1631).  I Captain Robert Innes, grants me to have borrowed from Sir Donald Mackay of Strathnaver, knyt, Collonel, the sum of 4887 merks gude and usual money of Scotland. Written by Duncan Wallace indweller in Kingsfleit, at Westminster 21 March 1628. Before thir witness: Captaine Johne Monro, Mr Alexr Innes brother germane to me the said Captain Robert and the said Duncane Wallace..

Service record

Departed 1627-12-31, as CAPTAIN
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY