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Henrik Wright was the son of George Wright [SSNE 1649] and his second wife, Anna Walding. Henrik was born on 19/01/1685 in Narva. He began his miltary career as a volunteer in July 1700 with the local garrison. He became a corpral two years later and quartermaster in 1703. Wright was captured by the Russians on 10 August 1704 and sold as a slave for 5 rubbles. On New Year's Eve 1704, Wright was returned to the Swedish garrison in Viborg. Therafter, he became an officer in the Tavastenhus area infantry. He was quickly promoted to lieutenant (1706) and regimental quartermaster of the Sachiska Battalion in 1708 during which year he was again captured by the Russians. After 10 months captivity he was taken to St Petersburg where he met the Russian General Bruce of Scottish decent [this is either SSNE 1676, Robert Bruce, the man in charge of fortifications in St Petersburg, or SSNE 2467 James Bruce. Robert is the more likely]. General Bruce introduced Wright to the Tsar who asked him to take up Russian service and provide information about the castle and garrison of Viborg. He refused, and on 10 May 1710 he escaped with 8 others back to Swedish territory [suffering, it is said, from great hunger and thirst]. His captaincy was awarded in the Osterbotens regiment in 1714, and between 1721-1732 he held the position of Lt. Colonel in Nylands regiment. Henrik joined the Savolaks in 1746 and eventually received the colonelcy for the Jamtlands regiment in 1760. He left Swedish service in 1762 and died four years later (06/02/1766) in Borga (Porvoo), Finland. He married Sofia Halenia (1689-1781) on 29/12/1720.

Svenska Adelns Attartavlor, vol. 9, p.69.

Service record

Departed 1762-12-31, as COLONEL
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY
Departed 1704-12-31, as ENSIGN
Capacity PRISONER, purpose MILITARY
Departed 1710-05-10, as LIEUTENANT
Capacity PRISONER, purpose MILITARY