BOIJ snr., ANTONY [SSNE 4771]

BOIJ snr., von BOIJ
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Anton Boij was the son of Anders/Andrew Boij [SSNE 4344], and was the owner of Snavlunda factory. He is also noted as co-owner, with his father, of Laxåverken in Lerbeck, Närke and as involved with Lassåna. His mother was most probably Maria Grooth and he was born on 11/12/1631. He went on to study in Uppsala in 1644 and thereafter studied abroad in Germany, France and the Dutch Republic. Anton became a favourite of Karl XI who used to stay at his house whenever he was near. He was ennobled in 1676 and introduced in 1678 under the number 899. He received the title of Assessor after 1686. Anton's brother Jakob [SSNE 4943] also studied at Uppsala in September 1658 and became a commissioner in Kammarkollegium in 1674. He established a blast furnace at Igelbäcken in Hammars parish in 1696. Anton had at least two sons, Anders [SSNE 4944] and Anton [SSNE 4945], who eventually took over the running of the family factory in 1710.

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Service record

Departed 1710-12-31, as BRUKSPATRON