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Hugh Greg served as a British factor in Denmark-Norway at the end of the seventeenth century. Appointed in June, 1692, Greg conducted both official and private business. He wrote to William Blathwayt on 19 August 1698 regarding business in Hostein, Danzig as well as the king's illness. From December 1700 until his death on 29 December 1701 he was the official British 'King's' Resident in Copenhagen. An authorisation and instruction for him also survives from 1701. From Copenhagen he travelled into Holstein in December 1701 where he died of a distemper. He left debts there of £1000 Sterling, but was owed more than that some. This was claimed by his sister Margaret Greg in November 1702.

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Service record

Departed 1702-01-08
Capacity ENVOY, purpose DIPLOMACY
Departed 1698-12-31
Capacity ENVOY, purpose DIPLOMACY
Departed 1701-12-29
Capacity ENVOY, purpose DIPLOMACY