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Thomas Livingstone was the son of George Livingstone [SSNE 2981] and Margaret Bursie [SSNE 6259]. His uncle was Hans Peterson Bursie [SSNE 5059]. He was born in 1634 in Elbing, probably while his father was on campaign with the Swedish army. In adulthood, Thomas served as a private in Jönkoping regiment in 1662 and appears to have been made an ensign in the same year. Livingstone became a lieutenant in 1664 and was ennobled in Sweden in 1668. (His son was introduced in 1680 under nr. 747). He was a captain as of 1671 and major soon after before becoming lieutenant colonel of his regiment in 1678, a position he held until at least 1682. Livingstone died on 26 September 1684. He was married into Swedish nobility to Maria Stierna (1638-1719) and took the name of Hubbestad. In 1670 he received permission to travel to Scotland for 8 months. The reason is not clear, but information relating to the visit is held in the 'Krigskollegium Diarium'. The Livingstones had many children; Ester Margareta, Anna, Britta, Christina Maria, Alexander Georg, Maria 1 and Maria 2, and Lisa. In 1667 his mother, Margaret, wrote to the Krigskollegium and in 1715 his sister, Ester Margaret, also corresponded with them

Svenska Adelns Attartavlor, vol. 5, p.53; Krigsarkiv, Stockholm MR Jönköping Regiment, 1662-1682; Register till Krigskollegii Brevböker t.o.m. 1721 (H-M); Steve Murdoch, Network North: Scottish Kin, Commercial and Covert Associations in Northern Europe, 1603-1746 (Brill, Leiden, 2006), p.23.

Krigskollegium kansli Inkommna handlingar Brevboecker 1666, del 1, 1667:2 no.1181. To Krigsrad dated 5 May 1667. Reference is made to Captain George Lievingstein in a letter signed by Margaret Bursie in which she adds in a Scots hand "god bles zour lordship may zour lordship pitey me". Below that there is some information relating to the fact that Thomas Livingstone is with George Livingston's company in Captain Anders G Fleetwood's 'Engelske' regiment in Livland. A separate wee note follows on that in the year 1657, Thomas Livingston got his Commission to transport[?] parts of his regiment from England to Livland See also Krigskollegium inkommna handlingar breefbook foer aahr 1670 andre delen, no 4013. The first letter below is dated 31 March 1670, and is noted as having arrived on 11 April 1670. It is addressed to the Krigsrad."

iag paa det aldraunderdaanigsta ?betvila foer et gunstigt Rese pass aath England och Skottland af dato den 24 May An 1669 men inndan iagh daa foer naagra ? orsaker blef foerhindrat mesta ? af den besta tyden af sommaren och fort satiar min resa och det ? nagot sannt in paa ? at iagh intet torde drista? migh paa Sioen foer Orsaker? iagh en at anmodha [krigskolleg] paa nytt at mit pass af 1669 kunda blifwa foer nyat paa aatta maanadz tydh aath kununga ryket England og Skottland (hvar mina foeraeldrar foedda aehre) och iagh foer den skull om min Raet naagot hafwer at uthraetta. Iagh skall foerst ? paa ?dan tydh mig installa medh undertinnslig begiaran att iag min tianst i medhan tydh aath ?innta maate, her uppaa iagh foer wentter Edher Ecxell. och [titles] Resolution hwar medh iagh foer blifwar. (signed) T Livingstein withsomething scribbled below dated 13 April 1670.; Another letter exists, no. 4015, dated 9 December 1670 and to the Krigskollegium. "

maandhe? iagh paa slutt?? redan ?underdaangsta foerr huru saa som iagh migh till lyker medh ? redan Ao 1667dh en 11 April fik? uthij loeffte? och Caution foer Regementz? skrifwwen Maarten Jonsson? och saa som Edher excell och [kungl, krigs Collegio] ? migh uthij foerladsen? April maanadh och ? Resan Pass? medh ? aath England och Skaatlandh och ? min hemkompst foerr ? att minne medh Cautionister och loeffterman? hafver dit/hit loeffter och Caution upp ? foer ofvan benamt Regementz skrifvaren, medh? iagh och Herre ? Hans ? uthij loeffte foerr benmt Regementz skrifvaren Maarten? Johnson? utan migh reduceert ? och denna loefftes uppdrager? harfoer foer dhen skull till Edher Excell och dhet Kungl Krigs Collegio min ? ? vis ? begiaran att iagh och maaste blifwa ? och frij ? foerr ? och ifraan dhen tydhen foer ofwan benmt loeffte eller Caution foer ? Edher Excell och ? ? medh gunstiga resolution ? iagh foere blifwar."; The letter is signed T. Livingstein "loejtnant under Wellb ? Offverst Gustaff Horns Regimentscribbled note below from c.10 March 1671

Service record

Arrived 1657-01-01, as PRIVATE
Departed 1684-12-31, as Lt. COLONEL
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY
Arrived 1670-04-13, as LIEUTENANT
Departed 1670-12-31, as LIEUTENANT
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY