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Elisabeth Clerk was apparently the daughter of Admiral Hans Clerck [SSNE 4159] and possibly the sister of Admiral Richard Clerk, the younger [SSNE 4138]. Source information for the early pre-Sweden lives of Hans (John) and Richard Clerk the elder are lacking and there has been much confusion in Swedish sources. At least 3 distinct Scottish Clerk families were active and settled in Stockholm in the first half of the seventeenth century.

She may have been born in Happingworth, Scotland, the birthplace of her brother.

Elisabeth married twice. The first time was to James Drummond [SSNE 1622] with whom she had a son, John [SSNE 2410] who was later ennobled for his father's long services to the Swedish crown (1649). They also had a daughter, Regina, who got married on 29 April 1680 at St Jakob's in Stockholm.

Following her husband, James Drummond's death in 1645 Elisabeth Clerk wrote to Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna explaining that she was left penniless with 3 young children, and requesting his intercession with Queen Kristina to help bury her husband and feed her children.

Elisabeth Clerk then (circa 1653?) married Jacob Sinclair [SSNE 3441], son of Francis Sinclair [SSNE 3504] and Johanna Sutherland [SSNE 2835].

Elisabeth Clerk died on 15 July 1662, and was buried in Klara Church in Stockholm on 19 July 1663.

Sources: Swedish Riksarkiv, Axel Oxenstiernas Brefvexling, E589; Svenska Adelns Ättartavlor, vol. 2, p.328 and vol. 7, p.292; F. Rudelius, Kalmar Regementes Personhistoria 1623-1927 (2 vols., Norköping, 1952) I, p.59. 

Some of correspondence concerning her can be found here: Riksarkivets ämnessamlingar. Personhistoria

A discussion of her as a creditor of Isobell Spens [SSNE 6263] was composed by her son Johan and can be read here:


Female. Widow.

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Departed 1662-07-15
Purpose MISC.