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John Hamilton of Traboun served first as a captain in his uncle Alexander Hamilton's [SSNE 380] regiment. In 1630 he became colonel for the regiment merging Hamilton's along with John Meldrum's [SSNE 572]. It was he who was promoted over his lieutenant-colonel, William Baillie [SSNE 1909]. There was also another John Hamilton, captain, and James Hamilton of Parklie in this regiment. Having served as a garrison troop at Elbing in 1630, he was employed under Horn in 1631 for the march from the Oder. He was at the battle of Breitenfeld in September. Sir John accompanied Gustav II Adolf on his victorious march through Thuringerwald to Wurzburg where his forces, along with those of Sir James Ramsay [SSNE 3315] stormed the castle after the city itself had capitulated. The author of the Swedish Intelligencer was particularly impressed by "The Valour of the Scottish nation in these warres". Hamilton was instrumental in taking the castle at Main after a Livland born lieutenant of Scottish parentage had lept on the drawbridge to hold it down. The Swedish king prevented him and his troops from making the final entrance into the fort - Sir John immediately requested his discharge from the army. He died 1638. In Lanark there is said to be a "ringklocka" inscribed "Vin be me Sir John Hamilton of Traboun 1628". After his departure, his regiment continued under the command of Ludowick Leslie [SSNE]. This is possibly Sir John Hamilton of Skirling who served Gustav II Adolf.

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Service record

Departed 1632-12-31, as COLONEL + CHIEF
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY