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Mauritz Duwall was a son of Albrekt MacDougall of Mackerston [SSNE 2444] who immigrated to Sweden in 1594. Mauritz was born in 1603, one of 9 sons (his mother being Ursila von Stralendorf, his father's third wife). He served first as an ensign in Gustaf Horn's Norrland regiment in 1624. That year also saw him as an ensign in Henrik Fleming's Karelia regiment. In 1625 he served as an ensign in his half-brother's, Jakob Duwall's [SSNE 1623] Norrland regiment, and later in Johan Baner's Norrland regiment. Thereafter he took a lieutenant's role in Jakob Duwall's Norrland regiment in 1626. Mauritz became a captain in 1628, and by 1630 he was still a captain in the Helsinge regiment. By 1633 however he was lieutenant colonel of a recruited infantry squadron, probably partially recruited in Scotland the previous year. Charles I had given him authority, through the Scottish Privy Council, for "our trustie and weilbelovit Lieutenant Colonel McDougall" to raise 200 men in Scotland. Interestingly the king's language reflects his opinion of Mauritz as one of his subjects regardless of his foreign birth. In 1633, Duwall was also noted as chief of infantry in Schlesien (where his brother James was overcommandant). It was this 'Colonel Duwall' that served in the reserve at Wittstock with his regiment of horse. Duwall was naturalised and ennobled in 1638 and introduced into the Swedish house of nobility in 1638 under nr.241. He attended the Riksdag that year and in 1640, 42, 43, 47, 49 and 1650. Mauritz was married to a daughter of the Stockholm merchant James Fife [SSNE 4779], probably Anna Fife [SSNE 8302]. He died in 1655.

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Correspondence by and about him can be found here: Riksarkivets ämnessamlingar. Personhistoria https://sok.riksarkivet.se/bildvisning/A0069586_00422#?c=&m=&s=&cv=421&xywh=262%2C169%2C3524%2C2032

Service record

Departed 1632-12-31, as LT. COLONEL
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY
Departed 1655-12-31, as COLONEL
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY