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Johan Drummond was the son of James Drummond [SSNE 1622] and Elizabeth Clerck [SSNE 2836]. He was ennobled, along with his sisters, in 1649 due to his father's military merits. Johan became a student at Uppsala in 1657 before serving as a lieutenant in Kronoborg's regiment in 1669. In 1676 he became a captain in an Uppland's regiment. The following year he was quartermaster general and was to serve in Livonia, but he never went. In 1684 he was discharged (for some alleged offence), but he was reprieved in 1687. In 1691 he became a fortifications major in Bremen and Verden. In 1697 he was quartermaster general lieutenant. He died in 1706. 

This is unlikely to be the same man referred to as John Drummond, 3rd son of the 2nd Lord Maderty who was in foreign service. He was tentatively linked to this man by James Balfour Paul, but the link to James Drummond eliminates this possibility.

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Correspondence to and about this man can be found here: Riksarkivets ämnessamlingar. Personhistoria https://sok.riksarkivet.se/bildvisning/A0069580_00165#?c=&m=&s=&cv=164&xywh=1049%2C220%2C9278%2C5351

This correspondence largely concerns ongoing financial dealings / debts with both living and dead members of the Scottish community in Sweden including: Major General James Ramsay [SSNE 3315], his widow, Isabella Spens [SSNE 6263], their son David Ramsay[SSNE 8120], Colonel Hugo Hamilton [SSNE 2582] and Field Marshal Robert Douglas [SSNE 2378].

Service record

Departed 1657-12-31
Capacity STUDENT, purpose ACADEMIC
Departed 1697-12-31, as GEN.QUARTERMAST
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY