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John Guthrie was born in Arbroath on 13 August 1662. He was the son of the pastor ? Guthrie and his wife Elizabeth Auchterlony. The Herdaminne notes that in July 1679 Guthrie first came to Stockholm were he obtained a position with the merchant William Halliday [SSNE 787] whose business was in the iron trade. After Hallidayh's death he moved to his boss' father-in-law, Robert Petrie [SSNE 6787] merchant in Arboga. It was at this time he decided to adopt the Lutheran faith and made this public in April 1680. He began his religious studies in Stockholm with the second pastor at the German congregation, Aegidius Strauch. John went abroad for his studies, and was in Wittenberg in the summer of 1680, and obtained his masters in 1685. In the summer of 1685 he made his way back to Stockholm where he gained "informatorsplats" for William Halliday junior [SSNE 1258], his former boss' son. He matriculated at Uppsala University in October as Aberbrothensis Mag. Phil. although another source notes him as "Scoto-Brittanus". On 30 August 1690 he was ordained a priest in Uppsala. In 1691 he became "komminister" at Klara. He married Elisabeth Trast on 26 June 1692 in Leksand. It was her second marriage, as she was the widow of Secretary Nils Ingerman. From 1707 he was appointed "kyrkoherde" at Alvkarleby, but this did not suit him. He was "kontraktsprost" from 1709. His first wife died in 1713. Already in June 1714 the Swedish council wrote to King Karl XII recommending John as "kyrkoherde" at Kungsholmen, referring to him as "Mag. Johan Gothrie, som elliest kallas Skotten" (otherwise known as the Scot). John himself desired to serve at Ulrika Eleonora church despite the paltry remuneration connected with that location, so from 1714 was appointed "kyrkoherde" at Ulrika Eleonora. He married his second wife Eva Hahlfelt on 10 November 1715 but it is unknown where. He held a place as assessor on Stockholm town's consistory from 1716. He died on 7 January 1724 and was buried in Ulrika Eleonora church on 21 January 1724. It appears John only had one child, a son who died shortly after birth and is buried at klara on 26 September 1700

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Departed 1685-12-31
Capacity STUDENT, purpose ACADEMIC