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Joran Crafoord was the son of James Crafoord [SSNE 2090] who died in 1629. He was born in 1609 in Stockholm and in 1636 he was a 'forare' with the Uppland regiment. In 1644 he became a kornett with the Lifeguard cavalry. In 1649 received promotion to the rank of lieutenant, and in 1658 he became captain of horse. He died in 1661. He was married to Brita Morgonstierna with whom he had a son Jakob (1652-1692) who was ennobled in 1668. The Swedish genealogist, Joar Crafoord, has noted that on several occasions during his 30 years criss-crossing all over Europe, Joran passed his family home of Ekno near Kungsor in Vastmanland on numerous occasions. During such a visit in 1651, Joran not only succeeded in making his wife pregnant, but also two other women, and all three within the space of three months. One of these illegitimate children died young, while the other, Olof Crafoord (1652-1710) served as an officer in the artillery. Olof was court-marshalled in the 1690s for "behaviour unbecoming of an officer" and dishonourably discharged. At the outbreak of the Great Northern War in 1700, Olof was reinstated in the artillery. He died of plague in Arenburg in 1710 (an island fortress outside Riga). Another of his sons, the legitimate Jacob Joran Crafoord also served in the Great Northern War. He has left a diary now transcribed and annotated by his relative Colonel John Crafoord.

additional information supplied by JOAR CRAFOORD, Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish Krigsarkiv, Muster Roll, 1643/4; 1644/2; 1645/3; 1646/2; 1647/3; 1648/2; 1649/2,17,18; 1650/3; 1651/3; 1652/3; 1653/2; 1655/1; 1656/3; 1657/1; 1658/3; 1659/3,4; 1660/3.

Service record

Departed 1661-12-31, as CAPT OF HORSE
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY