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Robert Primrose was the second son of James Primrose of Culross (clerk of the privy council). He took part in the 1627 embassy from Charles I to Gustav II Adolf. He wrote a letter to his father from Elbing describing the presentation of the order of St George and Order of the Garter to the Swedish king. In return he noted that Gustav II Adolf knighted Sir Peter Young, the herald Sir Harry St George, and various Scottish colonels. Robert died in December 1631.

Sources: Letter of Robert Primrose to his father, James Primrose Clerk of the Council, dated Elbing 8 November 1627: “As for newis I haif none bot that Wormisstoun [James Spens of Wormiston] and the other tuo embassadouris wes verie honnourablie ressaved be the King at Darso. Thay were mett with foure or fyve troupe of horsse. Upoun the morne thereafter thay were ressaved be the King himself in his awne tent whair Sr Harie St George [Richmond Herald] delyverit him the ordour of the St George, whilk he patt about his neck. Within tuo dayes thairafter the king ressaved the ordour of the Gartour with the whole robbes, whilk after he had ressaved he knightit Sir Peter Young and Sir Harie St George and some Scottis colonellis, and then the whole ordounance bothe in the towne and the libbar played with thrie or foure thousand muskattis.” See Register of the Privy Council of Scotland, second series II, 1627-1628, p.559. Robert Primrose to James Primrose, 8 November 1627; Sir James Balfour Paul, The Scots Peerage (8 vols., Edinburgh, 1904-1911), VII, p.213.

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Departed 1627-12-31
Capacity DIPLOMAT, purpose DIPLOMACY