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Gustav Duwall (1630-1691) was the grandson of Albert Macdougall of Mackerston in Scotland and son of Jakob MacDougall [SSNE 1623]. Gustav was born in Sweden [perhaps Stralsund?] along with his brothers, George [SSNE 3500] and Jacob, [SSNE 1640]. He appeared in the Riksdag in 1654, 55, 57, and 1660. He acted as an envoy to the English Commonwealth in 1658 bearing Karl X's condolences on the death of Oliver Cromwell. He returned to Sweden on 29 January 1659 on a frigate with an English fleet of 20 ships following behind him. He was also Swedish envoy to and even resident in Denmark-Norway on at least 3 occasions, 1656, 1660 and 1663. In 1662 he became governor of Kopparberg region. It was probably he who wrote to the Momma-Reenstierna families concerning money in 1665. In 1676 he was appointed 'landtmarskalk' for the Riksdag held in Gothenburg that year. He may also be the same as the governor Duvaldt in 1684 who wrote to King Karl XI complaining that his son, Corporal Johan Didrick Duvaldt wanted to get married without informing his parents. The king decided that although Johan was of age and had served the crown for many years, filial respect required him to inform his parents of his marriage and that until this had been done, the marriage was not to go ahead. He died in 1691 and his family crest is displayed at Kristine church in Falu. He was married to Helena Yxkull and the church also contains an epitaph to their children dated 1678. 

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Service record

Departed 1656-12-31
Capacity ENVOY, purpose DIPLOMACY
Departed 1658-12-31
Capacity ENVOY, purpose DIPLOMACY
Departed 1660-12-31
Capacity ENVOY, purpose DIPLOMACY
Departed 1691-12-31, as GOVERNOR
Capacity GOVERNOR, purpose CIVIC
Departed 1663-12-31
Capacity ENVOY, purpose DIPLOMACY