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Johan Ramsay was the son of Alexander Ramsay [SSNE 1635]. he was born in Scotland in the 1550s and accompanied his father to Sweden in 1573 and followed him to Livonia. He came to Finland in 1577. In 1604 Ramsay became an ensign with the Scottish troops there. He registered himself in Finland and obtained tax relief in 1611. In 1614 he received further land from Jakob de la Gardie. In 1616 he was still an ensign with Anders Paulis troop although he became a lieutenant in 1618. Ramsay's promotion to captain of horse came in 1620 and he was active in the war in Livonia. He served as a lieutenant in Anders Larsson Paul's Finnish cavalry company in 1622-4 and as master of horse for the Finnish cavalry in 1629. He was still master of horse in Finland for the nobles' troop in 1633. Ramsay was ennobled in 1633 and introduced to the Riddarhus under nr.215. He departed in 1644 at the outbreak of the Danish war due to age. He kept in communication with the military authorities and even pursued the claims of one of his corporals, Daniel Hansson, as late as June 1647. Ramsay died in 1649. There are letters from King Charles I King Gustav II Adolf and Axel Oxenstierna regarding Ramsay. He sought proof of his nobility from the Bishop David in Brechin, signed by various nobles in Scotland including 8 Ramsays. According to 'Abo Akademis Students Matrikel, 1889-91', he was the father of Jac (probably Jacob/James) Ramsay of Åbo Academie. It says that Jacob's father was a Captain of Horse who was ennobled to Ihamaski in Somero and died in 1649 aged about 100 years old. Ramsay was married to Elis Stalhandske.


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Service record

Departed 1644-12-31, as CAPT OF HORSE
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY