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There is some doubt as to the exact country of origin of Francis Butler. He is variously recorded as having been born in Ireland c 1668-1673. The Danish historians, J.C.W. and K. Hirsch said of him that he was of ancient Irish stock, born in Ireland in 1671, but was forced to leave on religious grounds, and therefore he travelled to Denmark. O. Ovenstad on the other hand, notes the Hirsch origin but says that he actually came from a high family in Scotland. In any case, he served as a 'jagtpage' or gillie under King Christian V in which position he remained for 5 years. In 1694 he entered the army and four years later he became a captain of arms in Gyldenlove's infantry regiment in Norway. Later, in 1712, he had become captain and chief of a company of his own. Butler departed the army in 1723 with a yearly pension of 100 daler. Ovenstad notes that he had numerous children with his three wives before he died in 1758.

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Service record

Departed 1723-12-31, as CAPTAIN
Capacity OFFICER, purpose MILITARY