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Frederik Lyall (c.1536-1601) was the son of Alexander Lyall. He married Pernille Olesdatter, daughter of the mayor of Copenhagen Oluf Skriver and consort Ingeborg Mortensdatter. She died by by 12/2/1565 and he married his second wife, Kirstine Jensdatter (children: Alexander, Ingeborg, plus ten other children who died from the plague 1581). Lyall's third wife, Sophie Hansdatter, survived him and who with three stepchildren had an epitaph set up in St Olai to his memory. The family had two pews in St Olai. Lyall became a burgess by 12/1/1562 and is known to have paid taxes between 1561-6 and 1581-3. Like others in his family he became a customs official (toldskriver) by 14/3/1564 and one of the wardens of the Hospital by 1564. Lyall also became a Councillor between 1566-1579, and 'leading director' of the Sound Toll on 28/4/1583. Added to his CV was his appointment as mayor of Elsinore on 17/7/1591. General Peter Young intended to stop at Lyall's house on his way back from Germany in 1598. Lyall maintained his links to Scotland and recommended Hans Eler of Danzig to William Stewart in order that his business in Scotland might be supported by James VI 7/12/1593. His other business connections included his appointment as factor for George Bruce of Culross on 10/11/1589. Another Scottish connection can be shown through his claim of 400 daler on David Wedderburn's estate on 11/6/1594. Lyall also had business interests in Denmark and by easter 1600, he had lent 800 daler at 6% to the town of Malmo

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Service record

Departed 1564-03-14
Capacity BURGESS, purpose CIVIC
Departed 1583-04-28
Departed 1601-03-16
Capacity MAYOR, purpose CIVIC