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Finzi Music Scores

The St Andrews Finzi Collection represents a substantial part of the personal library of Gerald Finzi (1901-1956), a British composer and external examiner at St Andrews. The collection comprises around 700 volumes, chiefly instrumental and vocal music of 18th-century English composers in 18th-century printed scores. It also includes around 30 (mostly 18th-century) books about music, and nearly 100 manuscripts of 18th-century English music in 20th-century hands. With the assistance of the Gerald Finzi Trust, the Library has now been able to digitise most of these manuscripts of 18th-century music in 20th-century hands. The manuscripts are arranged alphabetically by composer, then numerically by their reference number in the Thorpe Davie catalogue. Their library classmark is also included. The title of each manuscript is taken from the Thorpe Davie catalogue and may vary slightly from the title written on the front of the manuscript.