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St Andrews Literary and Philosophical Society

The Literary and Philosophical Society of St Andrews was founded in 1838 when it was announced that "Several Gentlemen connected with the University and the City of St Andrews, being desirous of establishing a Literary and Philosophical Society, are anxious to receive the names of those Gentlemen, who are disposed to countenance such an Institution. Beside the general object of promoting Literary and Philosophic research the Society would especially have in view the establishment of a Museum in the University." Sir David Brewster (1781-1868), principal of the United College, served as vice-president from 1838 until his death. The Society met once a month and the AGM was held at the end of November or the beginning of December. In 1850 occasional evening meetings were instituted for members, guests and students, and from 1853 students were welcomed to ordinary meetings. Toward the end of its life the Society was inactive apart from holding public lectures, which appear to have been popular. Further information in the Archive Catalogue.