Kinloch / Lundeiff Parish Church

Kinloch Church, exterior, from south east

Summary description

Nothing visible remains of the medieval church, though it is a possibility that the present late eighteenth-century church was raised on part of its foundations.

Historical outline

Dedication: unknown

The parish, which is nowadays known as Kinloch, does not appear in surviving historical records until the later thirteenth century. It is first recorded in 1274-5 in Bagimond’s Rolls, where it was presented as a free parsonage.(1) It still appears to have been unappropriated in 1432-7/8, when its rector, Robert de Macgillequhaillum, supplicated the pope for provision to the canonry and prebend of Moneydie and became involved in protracted litigation.(2) By 1493, however, both the parsonage and vicarage were annexed to a prebend in Dunkeld cathedral, with the cure being served by a vicarage pensionary, named in July 1493 as John Boncle.(3) The parsonage and vicarage remained annexed to the prebend at the Reformation.(4)


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Architectural analysis

The present church building, which is no longer in use for worship, is on the northern edge of a polygonal churchyard that contains a number of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century memorials. It is a modest building of rectangular plan dating from around 1792, with a pair of arched windows in its south face, and with later porches added at each end. Its oriented alignment may indicate that it perpetuates the site of its medieval predecessors, although its dimensions of 12.6 metres from east to west and of 9 metres from north to south are unlikely to reflect the proportions of any medieval building.

Kinloch was united with the parish of Lethendy in 1806.


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