efter Mei Yaochen

A buckelt wi ye, wifockie,
seeventeen years syne.
Aye mindit ye, but no eneuch
an noo, this dishort,
haffets fair grizzelt an still
hale in masel e’en nou.
Ah’ll mird moggins wi ye in the yird
an greet, ma jo, up tae Ah dee

Scots version by Mhairi Owens & Deng Liping


I married you, my wee woman, seventeen years ago. You were always in my thoughts, but not enough and now, this loss. The hair at my temples is quite grey even though I’m still fit and healthy. I’ll be united with you in the grave and cry, my sweetheart, until I die.

Paraphrased in English by Mhairi Owens