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21. Jameson, McMillan (1766-1835)
M.A. and M.D. 14.5.1796 on testimonials signed by W. Buchan M.D., William Turnbull M.D. and Thomas Jameson M.D., London.
22. Anstruther, Robert (1757-1833)
Student United College 1770-1771 Maths. (Secondar).
23. Thomas, Robert (1753-1835)
M.D. 21.8.1798 on testimonials signed by G. Fordyce M.D. and John Hunter M.D., Edinburgh.
24. Bell, Andrew (1753-1832)
Student United College 1768-1772 [ ],s,t,m (Ternar) Guild bursar UC Min 21.10.1768. Glendee bursar. Chancellor’s prize 2nd maths class. UC Min. 15.5.1771. Chancellor’s prize Magistrand class. UC Min. 4.6.1772.
25. Stewart, Henry (1759-1836)
LL.D. 27.1.1787 gratis and on testimonials signed by Henry Erskine, Edinburgh and Henry Mackenzie, Edinburgh.
26. Williams, Daniel (1752-1831)
M.D. 6.11.1788 on testimonials signed by William Vaughan M.D. and Francis Flower M.D.(St A.), London.
27. Muckersy, John (1757-1831)
D.D. 6.11.1819 gratis.
28. Chawner, Rupert (1751-1836)
M.D. 6.8.1803 on testimonials signed by Thomas Denman M.D. and Richard Croft M.D., London.
29. Lind, John (1750-1831)
M.A. and M.D. 4.1.1777 on testimonials signed by Dr. James Lind, Haslar and Dr. John Murray, ‘Noritch’.
30. Arden, John (1753-1837)
M.D. 1.12.1810 on testimonials signed by John Campbell Flint M.D. and John Metcalfe M.D., Gainsborough.
31. Traill, Anthony (1755-1831)
Student St Mary’s College 1773-1775. Foundation bursar, 1773.
32. Bennett, George (1751-1835)
Student United College 1773-1775, 1776-1777 b,s,t.

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