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1. Sheppard, Edward (1737-1801)
D.D. 10.10.1801 on testimonials signed by William Maxwell D.D., James Drought D.D., Regius Professor of Divinity, Dublin, Nathaniel Bridges D.D., Richard Graves A.M., Rector of Claverton, Somerset, Thomas Robins of Emmanuel College, Cambridge and Rev. D. Trotter, London.
2. Bisset, Thomas (1730-1800)
Student United College 1745-[1749]
3. Reid, Thomas (1739-1802)
M.D. 21.11.1779 on testimonials signed by J. Carmichael Smyth and William Osborn, London.
4. Fernie, David (1738-1806)
Student United College 1756-1760 [ ],s,t,m. (Ternar).
5. Haliday, Matthew (1732-1809)
M.A. and M.D. 21.1.1762 on testimonials signed by Robert Whytt, professor of medicine, Alexander Monro, professor of Anatomy and John Rutherford, Edinburgh. Also Robert Keith, British Ambassador to St Petersburg.
6. Simpson, David (1738-1807)
Said to be student at St Andrews c.1753.
7. Freeman, Robert (1734-1807)
M.D. 22.5.1788 on testimonials signed by D Monro M.D. and John Coakley Lettsom M.D., London.
8. Donaldson, David (1736-1802)
Student United College 1751-1755. (Ternar). Foundation bursar, 1751. M.A. 1755.
9. Reeve, Richard (1738-1807)
M.A. and M.D. 10.7.1802 on testimonials signed by Robert Willan M.D. and Andrew Marshall M.D., London.
10. Durham, James (1732-1803)
Student United College 1748-1752. (Secondar).
11. Swinton, Archibald (1731-1804)
M.A. and M.D. 18.2.1760 on testimonials signed by Robert Whytt, Professor of Medicine and James Hay M.D. Also Alexander Monro Sen. for Anatomy class.
12. Monro, Henry (1730-1801)
Student United College 1746-[1750]. (Ternar). Bayne bursar, 1746. M.A. 16.4.1750.
13. Anderson, James (1738-1809)
M.A. and M.D. 22.2.1779 on testimonials signed by Thomas Young M.D.(Edin.) and Professor Flint, St Andrews.
14. M’Nicol, Donald (1735-1802)
Student United College 1753-[1756] (Ternar). Foundation bursar, 1753. M.A. 15.6.1756.
15. Wasdall, John (1731-1807)
M.A. & M.D. 4.4.1771 on testimonials signed by John Rutherford M.D. and Colin Drummond M.D., Edinburgh.
16. Ford, John (1735-1806)
M.D. St Andrews according to Munk's Roll, but probably the M.D. 1761 of Marischal College, Aberdeen.
17. Boyd, George Frederick (1735-1801)
M.A. and M.D. 26.11.1763 on testimonials signed by John Pringle and John Armstrong late physician to the British Army in Germany.
18. Dalgleish, Robert (1731-1803)
Student United College 1746-[1750] (Secondar).
19. Scott, William (1733-1802)
M.A. and M.D. 11.12.1758 on testimonials signed by Robert Innes M.D., Robert Whytt, Joseph Rutherford and Alexander Monro senr. Also Andrew Wilson and James Turnbull, Bellingham, Northumberland.
20. Toulmin, William (1738-1800)
M.D. 28.4.1797 on testimonials signed by W. Buchan, M.D. and J. Atkin M.D., London.

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