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1. Pearson, Alexander (d. 1836)
M.D. 23.11.1805 on testimonials signed by James Davidson M.D., Dunfermline and James Stenhouse M.D., Dunfermline.
2. Bird, Adam
M.A. and M.D. 7.6.1780 on testimonials signed by James Lind and John Lind, physicians, Royal Infirmary, Haslar.
3. Sabin, Edward
M.A. and M.D. 23.2.1771 on testimonials signed by William Vaughan M.D. and Francis de Valangin M.D..
4. Chisholm, Thomas (d. 1788)
M.A. and M.D. 15.3.1773 by examination.
5. Staunton, Thomas (d. 1783)
M.A. and M.D.6.5.1762 on testimonials signed by William Baylis, Bath and George Leonard Staunton M.D.
6. Howell, Thomas (1752-1814)
M.D. 28.3.1789 on testimonials signed by Andrew Marshall M.D., Reader in anatomy and John Mayo M.D., London.
7. Gillham, John Allen (1773-1842)
M.D. 6.9.1814 on testimonials signed by John Coakley Lettsom M.D. and Edward Jenner M.D., Cheltenham.
8. Grant, Samuel
M.D. 16.4.1799 on testimonials signed by Francis da Valangin M.D., London and Gilbert Thomson M.D., London.
9. Greaves, Charles Henry (1837-1908)
M.D. 20.4.1887 by examination.
10. Smith, Horace Harrison (1825-1915)
M.D. 2.5.1848 by examination.
11. Borrows, Robert (1832-1881)
M.D. 4.10.1861 by examination.
12. M’Kay, William
M.D. 23.3.1811 on testimonials signed by William Beatty M.D., Physician to Channel Fleet and G. Magrath M.D., Hospital for Prisoners of War, Plymouth.
13. Newbery, Robert
M.A. and M.D. 9.3.1799 on testimonials signed by James Sims and John Miers Lettsom, London.
14. Maxwell, Huston (1835-1867)
M.D. 24.12.1862 by examination.
15. Alexander, Thomas (d. 1830)
M.D. 6.4.1816 on testimonials signed by Alexander Ramsay M.D. and Alexander Stormonth M.D., Dundee.
16. Davis, Robert Stevens
M.D. 26.8.1793 on testimonials signed by Henry Krohn M.D., M.R.C.P.L., Andrew Thynne M.D., London, Peter Rambin M.D., W. Cruikshank, Professor of anatomy and William Henry Coates, surgeon, London.
17. Moss, Edward Lawton (1843-1880)
M.D. 31.12.1862 by examination.
18. Douglas, Andrew (d. 1826)
M.D. 9.9.1802 on testimonials signed by Andrew Wilson M.D. Kelso, Christopher Douglas M.D., Kelso, Benjamin Bell, surgeon, Edinburgh , Robert Lindsay M.D., Jedburgh and A. Douglas.
19. Coryn, George (1711-1780)
M.A. and M.D. 25.12.1761 on testimonials signed by C. Wintringham, physician extra-ordinary to the King.
20. Perry, William (d. 1827)
M.D. 16.3.1792 on testimonials signed by John Hammond M.D., Physician to Middlesex hospital, London and William Alexander M.D.(Edin.), London.

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