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1. Rumsay, Edward (1789-1855)
M.D. 5.8.1815 on testimonials signed by Everard Home, London, James Rumsey M.D., Amersham, Buckinghamshire and J. Cooke M.D., London.
2. Yates, Thomas (1783-1851)
M.D. 3.10.1818 on testimonials signed by Patrick Mackenzie M.D.(Edin.), L.R.C.P.L., Vigo Lane, London, James Johnson M.D.(St A.), Piccadilly and John Howell M.D.(Edin.), Clifton.
3. Barron, John (1786-1851)
Student United College 1798-1799 Lat. Jun. 1799-1800 Lat. Jun.; Gk. Jun.; Lat. Prov. 1800-1801 Math. Jun.; Log.
4. Britton, Simon Gage (1782-1856)
M.D. 1.2.1812 on testimonials signed by George Magrath M.D., Hospital for PoWs, Plymouth and William Beatty M.D., Physician to the Channel Fleet.
5. Dehane, John (1786-1852)
M.D. 5.4.1817 on testimonials signed by John Mayo M.D., H. H. Southey M.D. and Charles Bell, London.


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