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1. Wilson, Isaac (1757-1844)
A.M. [M.A.] and M.D. 23.12.1796 on testimonials signed by Archibald Thompson M.D., Physician to the Royal hospital, Haslar and William Pattison M.D.
2. Almon, William James (1755-1817)
M.D. 4.2.1792 on testimonials signed by Dr. Andrew Turnbull, Surg. [Surgeon] 57th Regt and Andrew Mitchell M.D., Dublin.
3. Pole, Thomas (1753-1829)
M.A. and M.D. 8.9.1801 on testimonials signed by Thomas Bradley M.D. and John Coakley Lettson.
4. Nott, John (1751-1825)
M.D. 2.8.1788 on testimonial signed by Dr. Richard Warren, physician to His Majesty, London.
5. Lind, John (1750-1831)
M.A. and M.D. 4.1.1777 on testimonials signed by Dr. James Lind, Haslar and Dr. John Murray, ‘Noritch’.
6. Anderson, Robert (1750-1830)
M.A. & M.D. 20.5.1778 by examination.
7. Haliday, William (1759-1825)
M.D. 11.5.1793 on testimonials signed by Nathaniel Spens M.D. and Thomas Spens M.D., Edinburgh.
8. Barry, Edward (1759-1822)
M.D. 22.6.1785 on testimonials signed by Dr. William Augustus Howard and Dr. Peter Renandet, physicians, London.
9. Fox, Joseph (1758-1832)
M.D. 1.2.1783 on testimonials signed by Andrew Duncan M.D. and Charles Webster M.D.
10. Gillespie, Leonard (1758-1842)
M.D. 5.3.1795 on testimonials signed by James Sims and John Shadwick, London.
11. Webster, Charles (1750-1795)
Student United College 1765-1769 b,[ s, t, m]. (Ternar). Foundation bursar, 1765. Guild bursar, 1766.


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