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1. Seager, Edward (b. 1715)
M.A. and M.D. 31.7.1771 on testimonials signed by Erasmus Darwin, F.R.S., physician at Lichfield and William Withering, physician at Stafford.
2. Barrowby, William (1713-1751)
M.D. 3.5.1751 on testimonials signed by W. Pitcairn M.D., D. Ross M.D. and John Clephane M.D., London.
3. Chalmers, Lionel (1712-1777)
M.A. and M. D. 7.12.1756 on testimonial signed by Robert Whytt, Edinburgh. On 16.10.1758 he gets a new diploma on representing that the ship taking the other to him was taken by a privateer.
4. Hewitt, William (b. 1718)
M.A. and M.D. 23.4.1748 on testimonials signed by Andrew Plummer, Andrew St Clair, Alexander Monro and John Rutherford all medical professors, Edinburgh University.


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