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1. Falls, William Stewart (1825-1889)
M.D. 14.11.1862 by examination.
2. Meek, Thomas (1730-1811)
M.D. 11.5.1772 on testimonials signed by James Lind, Chief Physician, Royal Infirmary, Haslar and James Hossack, Chief Physician. Royal Infirmary, Greenwich.
3. Lennox, Walter Walker (1817-1902)
M.D. 28.4.1863 by examination.
4. Gibson, John (d. 1790)
M.D. 14.8.1783 on testimonials signed by Andrew Duncan M.D. and Charles Webster M.D., Edinburgh.
5. MacKenzie, Colin (1698-1775)
M.D. 6.4.1759 on testimonials signed by John Rutherford, Edinburgh and John Alves, Inverness.
6. Johnston, James (1777-1845)
M.D. 3.8.1816 on testimonials signed by Robert Wright M.D., Senior physician, Naval hospital, Haslar, George Vance M.D.(KC Aber) of the same establishment and William Shearman M.D., L.R.C.P.L., physician to London Dispensary.


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