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1. O’Connor, Frederick (1834-1872)
M.D. 24.12.1862 by examination.
2. Kean, Henry Bloomfield (d. 1850)
M.A. and M.D. 27.12.1800 on testimonials signed by Robert Perceval M.D., Professor of Chemistry and James Cleghorn, Anatomy Professor, Dublin.
3. Bloomfield, Benjamin (d. 1816)
M.D. 7.9.1811 on testimonials signed by William Hartigan, Professor of anatomy, T.C.D. and Thomas Burnside M.D.)
4. Burt, Adam (d. 1814)
M.D. 26.3.1808 on testimonials signed by Robert Moir of Leckie, Robert Graham, James Hare M.D., Thomas Spens M.D., Andrew Duncan senior and Francis Balfour M.D.
5. Sexton, Edward (1832-1913)
M.D. 10.5.1856 by examination.
6. Gillespie, Franklin (1837-1912)
M.D. 11.5.1860 by examination.
7. Locke, William Oliver (1786-1846)
M.D. 3.8.1822 on testimonials signed by Gustavus Irwin M.D., late surgeon and Inspector, Ordnance Medical Department, Woolwich, John Webb, Director General, Ordnance Medical Department, Peter Venables A.M. and M.D. of the Royal Ordnance Hospital, Portsmouth. Also Ashley Cooper M.D., Spring Gardens.
8. Daniel, Cyrus Octavius (1833-1874)
M.D. 24.10.1857 by examination.
9. Rule, Samuel (1835-1868)
M.D. 7.5.1858 by examination 1st cl. hons.
10. Howell, Thomas (1752-1814)
M.D. 28.3.1789 on testimonials signed by Andrew Marshall M.D., Reader in anatomy and John Mayo M.D., London.
11. Murphy, Joseph Beauval (1833-1873)
M.D. 22.10.1859 by examination.
12. Doyle, Charles Simon (d. 1836)
M.D. 6.7.1816 on testimonials signed by Andrew Halliday M.D., Surgeon H.M. Forces and Oliver Halpin M.D.
13. Gillham, John Allen (1773-1842)
M.D. 6.9.1814 on testimonials signed by John Coakley Lettsom M.D. and Edward Jenner M.D., Cheltenham.
14. Emanuel, Leonard (1835-1864)
M.D. 21.10.1859 by examination.
15. Cay, Charles Vidler (1823-1907)
M.D. 27.4.1865 by examination.
16. Benson, Henry
M.D. 20.12.1862 by examination.
17. Grant, Samuel
M.D. 16.4.1799 on testimonials signed by Francis da Valangin M.D., London and Gilbert Thomson M.D., London.
18. Brewster, George (1823-1850)
Student United College 1838-1839 matriculates, but not in class lists. 1839-1840 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Prov.; Math. 1; Chem. 1840-1841 Lat. Sen.; Gk. Sen.; Math. 2; Log. 1841-1842 Ethics; Physics; Chem.; Anat. Desc.; Physiol. Ramsay bursar, 1838.
19. Marshall, John McLean (1836-1870)
M.D. 31.12.1862 by examination.
20. Bean, Joseph Alfred (1854-1862)
M.D. 6.5.1854 by examination.

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