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1. Borlase, John Bingham (1753-1813)
M.A. and M.D. 7.4.1804 on testimonials signed by Edward Jenner M.D.(St A.)., LL.D. (Camb.). Mass.) F.R.S., Henry Luxmore M.D. L.R.C.P.L., Physician to the Forces, Plymouth Dock and Thomas Hall M.D.(K.C. Aber.), Bodmin, Cornwall.
2. Heurtley, Richard Henry (1754-1832)
M.D. 7.10.1809 on testimonials signed by George Pearson M.D., F.R.S. and G. O. Geats of Hertford College, Oxford.
3. Aikenhead, Robert (b. 1750)
M.D. 23.8.1792 on testimonials signed by Tipping Brown M.D.(Edin.), Sunderland, John Clark, Newcastle and G. Wilkinson, Sunderland.
4. Dawes, Charles (b. 1756)
M.A. and M.D. 28.7.1801 on testimonials signed by G. Rowley M.D. and Thomas Bradley M.D., Physician to the Westminster Infirmary and to the Asylum for Female Orphans, London.
5. Macdougall, Alexander (1758-1824)
M.A. and M.D. 20.11.1778 on testimonials signed by Gregory Grant M.D. and James Hay M.D., physicians in Edinburgh.
6. Stansfield, John (1755-1803)
M.A. and M.D. 26.4.1800 on testimonials signed by James Miller M.D. and Alexander Milroy M.D., Edinburgh.
7. Smith, Wyville (1757-1826)
M.D. 29.3.1786 on testimonials signed by James Hunter M.D. and Charles Webster M.D., Edinburgh.
8. Harwood, Bussick (1750-1814)
M.D. 10.6.1782 on testimonial signed by W. Buchan, London with certificate of examination by James Flint in presence of one of the professors of the University of Cambridge.
9. Fox, Joseph (1758-1832)
M.D. 1.2.1783 on testimonials signed by Andrew Duncan M.D. and Charles Webster M.D.


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