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1. Forsyth, Florence (b. 1884)
Student United College 1896-1897 Summer session. 1897-1898 Mat. Med.
2. Smith, Sidney George (1836-1909)
M.D. 4.10.1861 by examination.
3. Morton, James (d. 1889)
M.D. 1.7.1845 by examination.
4. Crombie, Alexander (1845-1906)
Student United College 1861-1862 Chem.
5. Thomson, Anthony Todd (1778-1849)
M.D. 1.5.1824 on testimonials signed by John Thomson M.D. and John Abercrombie M.D., Edinburgh.
6. De Wytt, William Henry (b. 1857)
Lecturer in materia medica 5.8.1896 - 15.10.1898. Professor of materia medica 19.10.1898 - 29.12.1898 (resigned).Appointed by the ‘Bute party’ in the face of Senate opposition in the case of both lectureship and chair. The Senate then commissioned a private detective to investigate him and he resigned immediately on being faced with the detective’s report.


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