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1. Lyon, George (1729-1793)
[Student St Salvator’s College 1743-1746. (Ternar). Matriculated from semi class. B.A. 1745. M.A. 1746.
2. Main, John (1728-1795)
D.D. 14.10.1782.
3. Williams, John (1727-1798)
LL.D. 10.6.1765 on testimonials signed by Gregory Sharp LL.D. and Nathaniel Lardner D.D.
4. Addington, Stephen (1729-1796)
D.D. 12.11.1783 Recommended by Mr John Trotter, dissenting clergyman, London.
5. Baddelley, George (1726-1791)
D.D. 14.3.1765 on testimonials signed by T. Wicker D.D., Rector of Henton Blewet, Somerset and Edward Iveson D.D., curate of Shoreditch.
6. Wotherspoon, John (1723-1794)
D.D. 26.6.1764.


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