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1. Stennet, Joseph (1692-1758)
D.D. 17.1.1754 (recommended by the Duke of Cumberland).
2. Fleming, Caleb (1698-1779)
D.D. 14.3.1769 on testimonials signed by Dr McKnight and Rev. William Dalrymple.
3. Jennings, David (1691-1762)
D.D. 10.4.1749 on testimonials signed by Dr Guyse and Dr Doddridge.
4. Rushworth, John (b. 1699)
D.D. 27.12.1769 on testimonials signed by Charles Hutchinson D.D., Vicar of Claybrook, Edward Jackson D.D., Rector of Southam, J. Edwards D.D., Rector of St John’s, Coventry and R. Simson M.D.
5. Campbell, Archibald (1691-1756)
Professor of Ecclesiastical History 17.12.1730 - 23.4.1756 (died at Boarhills).
6. Kemp, James (1696-1748)
[Student St Salvator’s College 1711-1715. Potens. B.A. 1714, M.A. 1715].


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