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1. Smeaton, George (1788-1863)
Student United College 1803-1804 Gk. Jun.; Lat. Jun. 1804-1805 Gk. Prov.; Lat. Prov.; Log.; Math. 1; Hist. Civ. (Secondar).
2. Sproule, Samuel (1774-1829)
M.D. 4.7.1818 on testimonials signed by John Gordon M.D. and David Maclagan M.D., Edinburgh.
3. Meek, Sutherland (d. 1824)
M.D. 20.2.1792 on testimonials signed by James Home M.D. and Andrew Wardrop M.D., Edinburgh.
4. Hunter, Andrew
M.D. 13.3.1789 on testimonials signed by Andrew Duncan M.D., James Hamilton M.D. and Alexander Wood, surgeon, Edinburgh.
5. Laird, John
M.D. 19.1.1788 on testimonials signed by Charles K. Bruce M.D., James Wall M.D. and John Liddall, surgeon, H.E.I.C.S.


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