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1. Elder, Thomas (d. 1813)
Student United College 1759-1762 b,s,t. (Secondar). Ramsay bursar, 1760.
2. Wylie, Thomas (d. 1818)
Student United College 1797-1798 Gk. Jun.; Lat. Jun. 1798-1799 Lat. Prov.; Math. Jun. (Secondar).
3. Atkinson, Richard (d. 1816)
M.D. 23.6.1795 on testimonials signed by M. Underwood M.D. John Clarke M.D., William Osborn M.D. and George Pearson M.D.
4. Roche, John (1782-1814)
M.D. 9.5.1814 on testimonials signed by James Saunders M.D., Edinburgh and John Smith M.D., Leith.
5. Rhind, Thomas (d. 1818)
M.D. 9.3.1793 on testimonials signed by Walter Stirling M.D. and John Gillespie M.D., Stirling.
6. Crichton, Robert (d. 1819)
M.D. 28.11.1807 on testimonials signed by William Farquharson M.D. and P. Erskine M.D.
7. Moncrieff, George (d. 1810)
M.D. 8.12.1788 on testimonials signed by Walter Stirling and Robert Graham, physicians in Stirling.
8. Horsley, John (d. 1818)
M.A. 16.7.1771 on testimonials signed by Andrew Wilson, Newcastle and John Rutherford, Edinburgh.
9. Walker, John (d. 1819)
M.D. 22.3.1793 on testimonials signed by John Gilchrist M.D., Dumfries and James Flint M.D., St Andrews.
10. Spalding, Samuel (1750-1811)
M.D. 26.9.1785 on testimonials signed by James Hamilton M.D. and Andrew Duncan M.D., Edinburgh.
11. Hay, Thomas (1751-1816)
M.D. 18.6.1804 on testimonials signed by James Flint M.D. and Thomas Melville M.D., St Andrews.
12. Riddell, John (1761-1819)
M.A. and M.D. 25.7.1796 on testimonials signed by James Jeffray M.D. and James Monteith M.D., Glasgow.
13. Osborne, Henry (d. 1811)
M.A. and M.D. 22.12.1804 on testimonials signed by Thomas Westrop M.D.(Edin.) and Samuel Hayman M.D.(Edin.), Cork.
14. Wightman, William (d. 1816)
M.D. 3.6.1790 on testimonials signed by William Dunbar M.D., formerly physician in Dunse, now of Houndwood, Berwickshire and James Hall M.D., Dunse.
15. Keir, George (d. 1818)
M.D. 31.8.1796 by examination. Testimonial signed by George Keir of Dupplin, his cousin.
16. Young, Ebenezer (1788-1816)
M.D. 6.11.1813 on testimonials signed by William Brown M.D. and John Gordon M.D., Edinburgh. Also Robert Stevenson, Gilmerton.
17. Fairfull, Thomas (d. 1811)
Student United College 1769-1773 [ ],t,m. (Ternar). Wilkie bursar, 1765 (not accepted on account of immaturity). M.A. 3.5.1773.
18. Miller, Henry (d. 1819)
Student United College 1769-1772 b, s, t. (Secondar).
19. Spence, Nathaniel (1728-1815)
M.A. and M.D. 4.6.1773 probably on personal knowledge by the professors.
20. Holder, Henry Evans (1780-1817)
M.D. 24.8.1801 on testimonials signed by Robert Willan M.D. and Thomas A Murray M.D., London.

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