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1. M’Dowell, Samuel (1768-1845)
M.D. 14.6.1805 by examination.
2. Lewis, Polydore (1765-1794)
M.D. 10.5.1785 by examination.
3. King, William (b. 1767)
M.D. 6.2.1799 on testimonials signed by James Hamilton M.D., London and James Hamilton jnr M.D., Edinburgh.
4. Bachmatieve, George (b. 1760)
M.A. 1786 (Quaestor’s accounts).
5. Stewart, Anthony (1769-1847)
M.D. 9.5.1791 by examination.
6. Kilgour, Martin (1761-1822)
M.A. and M.D. 19.8.1800 on testimonials signed by James Flint M.D. and Thomas Melvin M.D., St Andrews, Also Thomas Spens M.D., Edinburgh.
7. Scott, Walter (1761-1831)
M.D. 14.10.1789 on testimonials signed by Andrew Young M.D., Newcastle, George Grieve, surgeon and John Welsh, surgeon, Newcastle, Robert Dryden, surgeon, Winlaton, William Elliot M.D., Physician, Jedburgh, John Aitken and Alexander Hamilton, Edinburgh.
8. Tomkins, Robert Burgoyne (1760-1836)
M.A. and M.D.29.3.1782 by examination.
9. Markham, James Verchild (b. 1760)
Student United College 1775-1776 b. (Ternar).
10. Cristall, John (b. 1767)
M.D. 18.5.1785 by examination.
11. Menzies, Robert (1766-1791)
Student United College 1781-1782 [ ] 1783-1784 Gk. Prov.; Lat. Prov.; Log.; Hist. Civ. 1784-1785 Gk. Prov.; Lat. Prov.; Ethics; Hist. Civ. 1785-1786 Gk. Prov.; Lat. Prov.; N. Phil. (Secondar). Ramsay bursar, 1781. Chancellor’s prize, Math. 1, 1783, do. N. Phil., 1786.
12. Allinson, Nathaniel (b. 1760)
M.D. 17.7.1789 on testimonials signed by Thomas Garnett M.D.(Edin.) and Thomas Smith M.D.(Edin.).
13. Hawkins, William (b. 1762)
M.D. 28.7.1798 on testimonials signed by James Hamilton Jnr., M.D. and John Barclay M.D., Edinburgh.
14. Riddell, John (1761-1819)
M.A. and M.D. 25.7.1796 on testimonials signed by James Jeffray M.D. and James Monteith M.D., Glasgow.
15. Lawson, George (1765-1842)
M.D. 18.8.1798 on testimonials signed by James Hamilton jnr. M.D. and Thomas Coull M.D.
16. Bowe, James (b. 1764)
M.D. 8.8.1785 on testimonials signed by Andrew Duncan M.D. and John Aitken M.D., Edinburgh.
17. Wilkie, James (1762-1834)
M.D. 14.8.1801 on testimonials signed by Andrew Young M.D. and S. B. Pearson M.D.
18. Smith, Brabazon (b. 1764)
M.D.26.2.1789 on testimonials signed by Nicholaus Elcock M.D.(Edin.) and Paulus H. Johnson M.D.(St A.).
19. Purdon, Henry (1769-1843)
M.D. 3.12.1814 on testimonials signed by James McDonell M.D. and H. Thomson M.D., Physicians, Belfast and Alexander Crawford M.D. and William Stewart M.D., Physicians, Lisburn.
20. O’Conner, James (1769-1857)
M.A. and M.D. 26.6.1802 on testimonials signed by William Bullen M.D. (Edin. 1792) and John Barry M.D. (Edin. 1792), Cork.

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