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1. Freudenreich, Frederick (1748-1821)
Student United College 1771-1772 s. (Secondar).
2. Horn, John Fletcher (b. 1848)
M.D. 16.4.1891 by examination.
3. Warrington, Francis William (1839-1901)
M.D. 31.12.1862 by examination.
4. Branson, John (1760-1838)
M.D. 20.10.1794 on testimonials signed by James Wood M.D. Perth and George Pearson F.R.S., Physician to St George’s hospital, London.
5. Tibbits, John (1826-1891)
M.D. 6.5.1853 by examination.
6. Cross, Richard (d. 1882)
M.D. 7.5.1852 by examination.
7. Rigsby, Edward (1748-1821)
M.D. 17.10.1814 on testimonials signed by Thomas Girdlestone M.D., Yarmouth and Warner Wright M.D., Physician to the Norfolk hospital, Norwich.
8. Borlase, John Bingham (1753-1813)
M.A. and M.D. 7.4.1804 on testimonials signed by Edward Jenner M.D.(St A.)., LL.D. (Camb.). Mass.) F.R.S., Henry Luxmore M.D. L.R.C.P.L., Physician to the Forces, Plymouth Dock and Thomas Hall M.D.(K.C. Aber.), Bodmin, Cornwall.
9. Penneck, Henry (d. 1834)
M.D. 2.2.1811 on testimonials signed by Stephen Luke M.D. and Henry Clutterbuck M.D., London.
10. Quartley, Arthur (1762-1839)
M.A. and M.D. 26.11.1801 on testimonials signed by Joseph Carruthers and G. G. Browne M.D., Bath and T. B. Taylor M.D., Christchurch.
11. Pierce, Evan (d. 1895)
M.D. 6.8.1844 by examination.
12. Price, David (1787-1870)
M.D. 6.6.1825 on testimonials signed by B. Golding M.D., 77 St Martin’s Lane and John Richard Farre M.D., 4 Charterhouse Green, London.
13. Boyd, James (1830-1909)
M.D. 7.5.1852 by examination.
14. Arden, John (1753-1837)
M.D. 1.12.1810 on testimonials signed by John Campbell Flint M.D. and John Metcalfe M.D., Gainsborough.
15. Cowper, William (d. 1767)
M.A. and M.D. 11.5.1753 on testimonials signed by Thomas Wilbraham M.D. and Thomas Yate M.D., Hertford.
16. Cooper, Beale (1773-1854)
M.D. 5.4.1823 on testimonials signed by John Cheyne M.D., Physician General to the Army, Ireland and Henry Holland M.D., London.
17. Lipscomb, John Thomas Nicholson (d. 1898)
M.D. 7.5.1844 by examination.
18. Crosby, Thomas Boor (1830-1916)
M.D. 14.11.1862 by examination.
19. Bogg, Edward Beverley (1835-1871)
M.D. 21.10.1859 by examination.
20. Clinkskill, James (1853-1936)
Student United College 1868-1869 Chem.

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