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1. Simmons, Richard (d. 1846)
M.A. and M.D. 7.2.1803 on testimonials signed by Isaac Henriques Sequeira M.D. and Robert Bland M.D., London.
2. Slatter, Richard Barry (d. 1842)
M.D. 2.12.1815 on testimonials signed by William Saunders M.D., Enfield, Middlesex and John Haighton M.D., St Saviours, Southwark.
3. MacFarlane, James (d. 1846)
M.D. 4.1.1803 on testimonials signed by William Wright M.D., F.R.S. and Andrew Wauchop M.D., F.R.S., Edinburgh.
4. Locock, Henry (1764-1843)
M.A. and M.D. 30.5.1798 on testimonials signed by William Osborn M.D. and John Clarke M.D., London.
5. Clough, James (1771-1841)
M.D. 16.12.1809 on testimonials signed by John Hull M.D., Physician to Lying in hospital, Manchester and William Winstanley M.D., Physician to the Manchester Infirmary and Dispensary.
6. Langworthy, Charles C (d. 1847)
M.D. 22.2.1800 on testimonials signed by Golfrid O’Connell M.D.(Edin. 1766) and James Merry M.B.(Montpelier), M.D.(StA.), Bath. Also Edward Synge Townsend, vicar and rector of Clonrohid, C. Cork and David Pryce, curate of Bathwick, Somerset.
7. Power, John (1758-1847)
M.D. 1.8.1812 on testimonials signed by Edward Johnston M.D., Birmingham and Trevor Jones, M.D., Lichfield.
8. Rowe, Coryndon (1767-1847)
M.D. 5.6.1819 on testimonials signed by Stephen Luke M.D., Argyll Street and B. F. Outram M.D., Hanover Square, London.
9. Mayd, John Winslow (1760-1848)
M.D. 4.12.1824 on testimonials signed by George Man Burrows M.D., London and Anthony Todd Thomson M.D., London.
10. Bigsby, John (1760-1844)
M.D. 2.6.1810 on testimonials signed by Samuel Argent Bardsley M.D. and M.R.M., physician to Manchester Infirmary and T. Smith M.D., late physician to Nottingham general hospital..
11. Byron, Luke (d. 1846)
M.D. 29.1.1814 on testimonials signed by J. Cheyne M.D., Professor of the Practice of Physic R.C.S.I., Richard Dease M.D., Professor of Anatomy R.C.S.I. and [ ] Hopkins F.K.Q.C.P.I., Dublin.
12. Appleton, Joseph (1818-1849)
M.D. 1.7.1845 by examination.
13. Smith, Thomas (d. 1840)
M.D. 29.9.1786 on testimonials signed by Andrew Duncan M.D. and Charles Webster M.D., Edinburgh.
14. Henning, George (d. 1847)
M.D. 25.1.1806 on testimonials signed by M. Baillie M.D. and George Pearson M.D.
15. Obrien, Edmund [Edward Hare] (1819-1848)
M.D. 7.5.1844 by examination.
16. Bevan, Thomas (1804-1847)
M.D. 3.8.1841 by examination.
17. Carruthers, Robert (1767-1849)
M.D. 1.2.1817 on testimonials signed by R. Robertson, Royal Hospital for seamen, Greenwich and B. F. Outram, Hanover Square, London.
18. Somers, Benjamin (1784-1848)
M.D. 7.11.1818 on testimonials signed by John Reid M.D., Granville St., London and Robert Smith M.D., Maidstone, Kent.
19. Ramsbothan, John (1768-1847)
M.D. 8.10.1808 on testimonials signed by Charles Carr M.D., Surgeon to H.M.S. Ardent in Leith Roads and George Kellie M.D., Leith.
20. Cosgreave, Peter (1783-1841)
M.D. 3.2.1821 on testimonials signed by James Johnson M.D., 50 Spring Gdns, London and George Pearson M.D., George St., Hanover Square.

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