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1. Cassin, Henry Richards (b. 1770)
M.A. and M.D. 19.4.1796 on testimonials signed by B. Harwood, M.D., Professor of anatomy, Cambridge, Martin Davy M.B., Fellow of Caius College and M. Baillie M.D.
2. Faithorn, John (1773-1851)
M.D. 2.10.1819 on testimonials signed by Edward Fryer M.D., 53 Upper Charlotte St., Fitzroy Square and Henry Gore Clough M.D., 68 Berners St., London. Also applied 1815, but degree then refused on account of forgery by one of his certifiers.
3. Clough, James (1771-1841)
M.D. 16.12.1809 on testimonials signed by John Hull M.D., Physician to Lying in hospital, Manchester and William Winstanley M.D., Physician to the Manchester Infirmary and Dispensary.
4. Saner, James (1779-1860)
M.D. 3.8.1847 by examination.
5. Carey, John (1774-1855)
M.D. 2.6.1821 on testimonials signed by Robert Walters M.D., Guernsey and James Borland M.D., Teddington.
6. Boxwell, Ambrose (b. 1775)
M.D. 4.4.1796 on testimonials signed by Al. Monypenny, Edinburgh, William Lowder M.D. and William Babington M.D., London.
7. Jones, Edward (b. 1775)
M.D. 26.12.1807 on testimonials signed by Dev. Hytton M.D., John Evans M.D., Robert Waring Darwin M.D. and Edward Jenner M.D.
8. Arrot, William (1774-1862)
M.A. and M.D. 8.9.1798 on testimonials signed by John Willison M.D. and Thomas Stevenson M.D., Dundee.
9. Rigg, Joshua (1771-1854)
M.D. 6.10.1821 on testimonials signed by Thomas Blamire M.D.(Leyden) and Thomas Barnes M.D.(Edin.), Carlisle. Also George Bell, Edinburgh.
10. Goldsmith, Peter (1775-1836)
M.D. 18.11.1809 on testimonials signed by R. Robertson M.D., Royal Hospital, Greenwich and R. Hope M.D. F.L.S., Senior Physician, Royal Navy.
11. Hall, Lodge (1773-1858)
M.D.1.12.1810 on testimonials signed by M. Quin M.D., Physician General, William Hartigan M.D., Professor of Anatomy. University of Dublin and James Cleghorn M.D., Physician to the State, Dublin.
12. Scobell, Peter Edward (1775-1820)
M.D. 8.12.1806 on testimonials signed by G. Baker, Physicians to their Majesties, John Calvill, Physician at Bodmin and John Bingham Borlase M.D.
13. Bellamy, George (1773-1863)
M.D. 9.1.1802 on testimonials signed by T. Trotter M.D., physician to the fleet and Thomas Stewart M.D., Plymouth.
14. Marshall, Joseph Head (b. 1773)
M.D. 11.1.1800 on testimonials signed by John Walker, Physician, Southwark, London and George Jenner, physician, Eastington.
15. Hawkins, Anthony Montonnier (1771-1833)
M.D.25.3.1797 on testimonials signed by G. Fordyce, Wm. Osborn and John Clarke, London.
16. Douglas, George (1772-1838)
Student United College 1785-1786 Lat. Jun. 1786-1787 Lat. Jun.; Gk. Jun. (Secondar).
17. Andrews, Magnus William (b. 1779)
M.D. 28.6.1806 on testimonials signed by David Pitcairn M.D. and M. Baillie M.D., London.
18. Smith, William Bickley (b. 1772)
M.D. 20.12.1806 on testimonials signed by Andrew Baird M.D., Inspector of Naval Hospitals and W. Beatty M.D., surgeon to the late Lord Nelson.
19. Whitehead, Robert (1770-1849)
M.A. & M.D. 1.4.1799 on testimonials signed by Peter Wright M.D. and Richard Millar M.D., Glasgow.
20. Scudamore, Edward (1778-1850)
M.D. 2.11.1816 on testimonials signed by Charles Scudamore, Holles St., Cavendish Square, London and Robert Watts M.D., Cranbrook, Kent.

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