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1. Williams, John (1727-1798)
LL.D. 10.6.1765 on testimonials signed by Gregory Sharp LL.D. and Nathaniel Lardner D.D.
2. Addington, Stephen (1729-1796)
D.D. 12.11.1783 Recommended by Mr John Trotter, dissenting clergyman, London.
3. Chandler, Charles
D.D. 21.7.1786 on testimonials signed by Edward Barry M.D.(St A.), Edward Kimpton L.B., vicar of Rogate, Sussex and Philip Batteson A.B., lecturer of All Hallows, Thames St., London.
4. Alderson, James (1742-1825)
M.D. 11.5.1793 on testimonials signed by [John] Manning M.D. and R[ichard] Lubbock M.D., Norwich.
5. Fleming, Caleb (1698-1779)
D.D. 14.3.1769 on testimonials signed by Dr McKnight and Rev. William Dalrymple.
6. Sims, James (1741-1820)
LL.D. 5.9.1804.


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