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1. Webster, John (d. 1807)
Student United College 1769-1773 b, s, t, m. (Ternar). Malcolm bursar, 1769. M.A. 3.5.1773.
2. Bell, James (b. 1750)
Student United College 1763-1768. (Ternar) Glendee bursar, 1759- must have held it for his grammar school course, but his father was patron! Chancellor’s prize junior mathematics, 1767.
3. Duncan, Alexander (d. 1789)
Student United College 1760-1764. b, s, t, m. (Secondar). M.A. 1764 (Quaestor’s accounts). Wilkie bursar, 1761.
4. Bell, Andrew (1753-1832)
Student United College 1768-1772 [ ],s,t,m (Ternar) Guild bursar UC Min 21.10.1768. Glendee bursar. Chancellor’s prize 2nd maths class. UC Min. 15.5.1771. Chancellor’s prize Magistrand class. UC Min. 4.6.1772.
5. Arnot, Robert (d. 1808)
Student United College 1759-1763 (Ternar).


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