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1. Gillham, John Allen (1773-1842)
M.D. 6.9.1814 on testimonials signed by John Coakley Lettsom M.D. and Edward Jenner M.D., Cheltenham.
2. Matthews, James (1770-1844)
M.D. 14.9.1814 on testimonials signed by James Buchan M.D., Physician to H.M. Forces, H. Lidderdale M.D., Hugh Sime M.D.(St A.) and Charles Graham Tice, Deputy Inspector General.
3. Horsley, William (b. 1771)
M.D. 21.12.1811 on testimonials signed by Henry Clutterbuck M.D., London and John Horsley M.D., Darlington.
4. Clark, Arthur (1773-1857)
M.A. and M.D. 8.1.1803 on testimonials signed by Abraham Colles M.D.(Edin. 1797) and Thomas Mills M.D.(Edin. 1797).
5. French, John Denton Pinkstone (1777-1833)
M.D. 6.8.1814 on testimonials signed by Thomas Vage M.D., surgeon to Northampton Militia at Edinburgh and David Aird M.D., Stirling, also George Pearson M.D., F.R.S.
6. Baird, Patrick [Campbell] (1772-1821)
M.D. 7.3.1818 on testimonials signed by John Barclay M.D. and Peter Reid M.D., Edinburgh.
7. Turner, William (1779-1867)
M.D. 6.5.1820 on testimonials signed by Charles Ferguson Forbes M.D., 25 Argyll street, London and Robert Chisholm M.D., L.R.C.P.L., Ashford, Kent.
8. Pyper, Robert (1772-1854)
M.D. 7.7.1821 on testimonials signed by Sir James Robert Grant M.D., Inspector General of Hospitals, now residing in Edinburgh and John Erly M.D., Deputy Inspector of Military Hospitals, now residing in Edinburgh.
9. Waters, George A[lexander] (1775-1858)
M.D. 26.12.1813 on testimonials signed by H. Edwards M.D.(Leyden) and Mathew Poole M.D. F.R.C.P.E., Waterford.
10. Grant, William Lewis (1772-1825)
M.D. 6.10.1821 on testimonials signed by James MacFarlane M.D., Perth and George Ballingal M.D., Edinburgh.
11. M’Mullen, Stephen [Henry] (1775-1848)
M.D. 7.1.1815 on testimonials signed by Donald Mackinnon M.D., London and Samuel Merriman M.D., London.
12. Hartle, Robert (1775-1860)
M.D. 3.7.1819 on testimonials signed by William Ferguson M.D., Inspector of Army Hospitals and David Maclagan M.D., Physician to the Forces, Edinburgh.
13. de St Croix, Benjamin (1776-1848)
M.D. 4.5.1816 on testimonials signed by William J. Almon, M.D.(St A.) and William Bruce Almon M.D.(Edin.), Halifax. Also John Inglis D.D., Ecclesiastical Commissioner to the Bishop of Nova Scotia and another from William Cochrane D.D., Vice President, King’s College, Nova Scotia.
14. Nice, William Samuel (1776-1815)
M.A. and M.D. 11.2.1804 on testimonials signed by Robert Smith M.D. of Ayr and William Cullen Brown M.D., Edinburgh.
15. Campbell, George (1778-1854)
Student United College 1790-1791 Lat. Jun. 1791-1792 Lat. Prov. 1792-1793 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Prov.; Log. 1793-1794 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Prov.; Math. Jun.; Ethics 1794-1795 Lat. Prov.; Gk. Prov.; N. Phil. (Secondar). Ramsay bursar, 1790.
16. Coates, Henry (1779-1848)
M.D. 2.3.1822 on testimonials signed by George P.J. Wallis and R.V. Wallis, Eighteenth Century Medics (Newcastle, 1988) M.D.(Edin.), Bristol , David Davies M.D.(St A.), Bristol and W.C. Heywood M.D., Blandford.
17. Robertson, Henry (1778-1853)
Student United College 1790-1791 Gk. Jun.; Lat. Jun. (Ternar). Malcolm bursar, 1790.
18. Wittman, William (1770-1815)
M.A. and M.D. 14.5.1796 on testimonials signed by William Turnbull M.D., W. Buchan M.D. and Thomas Jameson M.D., London.
19. Moises, Hugh (1773-1819)
M.D. 13.4.1798 on testimonials signed by George Pearson M.D. and Andrew Thynne, M.D., London.
20. Paton, Robert (1775-1837)
Student United College 1787-1788 Lat. Jun. 1788-1789 Lat. Jun.; Math. Jun. 1789-1790 Lat. Prov.; Math. Prov.; Log. (Secondar).

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